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The Dum are taking Business from the smart when you fix a car and you bucher it just to save the costumer some money Thats not craftsmanship thats just plain stupid NYSI o that guy can do it you just have to drive it 40 miles until it just passes e legal ye but you get a customer for life you saved them that almighty dollar you call that a mechanic and than you know that spare tire hanging under your car not one shop even looks at the cable that holds it that tire falls down you just killed someone great mechanic those are the inexpensive o you know what realy makes me laugh the know it all they have the most freinds. Get it from the source Most people are just scum-bags O bumped into this cone today 02 jetta flex pipe cracked i did not want to waist someone's money to fix it has a 420 code walker cat with pipe 486.95 called a thief thats the cost they will fix it them selfs with a German made car ye ok thos are the best mechanics o don't worry about the inspection just drive it 40 miles I sold my inspection machine for that one reason so i dont put anyone's life or lifes at jeperty bring your car to the people that care the cheapest on the block. That logo whet down the tubes. Some people just dont get it. 02 Dogge pickup they live nere the water tail pipe and clamp stainles with nasscar discount i pay 40 look on ebay thye cheapest place 135.00 im ripping you off at 80.00 plus 6 for the clamp go figure you gotta learn the hard way dont learn from peoples mitakes learn from your own

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